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Boucle d’or

Boucle d’or is another story app that my children are enjoying. This app is available in French and English. You can view the app with the text on or off. At first I didn’t see this option in the menu and was disappointed that there wasn’t any text. Luckily I figured that one out. My daughter, Soleil, is starting to read in English and she has taken an interest to trying to sound out words in French, too. I want both of my children to see the text to stories whenever possible! What I’d really like to see in apps are the words highlighting as they are read…but alas, that’s not happening here.


I wouldn’t  say this is the best app I’ve ever seen, but at this point, any app that can provide my children with more chances to learn French are winners in my book! Additionally, my monolingual husband can easily incorporate this app into his bedtime routine with the kids…which is a HUGE bonus! Perhaps eventually, we will cure him of his monolingualism!!! 🙂


What I really love about this app is that it has the predictable story of Goldilocks yet provides some interaction for children. Whenever you see the stars and hear the chimes, your child is supposed to touch the stars to advance the story. Since there are three of every item in the story, the child gets to press a lot of stars and hears the predictable narration about the big, medium and small items. I really like how the voice of the narrator changes according to the size…it helps add an element of comprehensible input for my young linguists. This app is full of “pleasant repetition” which is definitely going to help the Sunny Earth Kids acquire some more language skills! I can’t help but think of Wendy Maxwell and her incredible AIM program whenever I notice pleasant repetition. This is a term I learned from AIM and it has proven to work in the classroom, so I’m certain it will help in my home!

For a more detailed description of Boucle d’or en français, please visit this post by Déclic Kids.


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