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Change iPad’s Language

This little tip may be well-known to many, but it was new to me. Plus, making this short tutorial gave me another chance to practice using an amazing app called “Explain Everything.” I will have to blog about that one at some point because it is just awesome!

Here’s the tutorial on how to change your iPad’s language settings:

You might be pleasantly surprised to find that this helps change some of your apps to your language of choice! You can also check by googling the app title with “iTunes” to view the languages available. See picture of this in this blog post. <—Look down to the second picture. If you find the language you want when you research, and you don’t see a way to change the language in the app itself, try changing the entire iPad’s language settings.

That’s all for now! Hope you have an appy day! 🙂


How To Effortlessly Back Up Your iPad/iPhone Videos using Camera Uploads In Dropbox

Thank you for yet another great tip! 🙂

In my ongoing effort to manage storage on my iDevices, I wanted to share with you guys a neat feature, once again, that Dropbox offers (I wrote a similar post a few months back).

For those of us who enjoy taking photos and videos with our devices, we know that they will take up a lot of storage. This can pose a problem, especially if one only has 16GB of storage. Instead of using iCloud or Photostream to back up your photos (I avoid ever connecting my devices to iTunes), Dropbox presents a great solution.

Backing up photos is extremely important, in case we ever lose  or break our devices.

This tip will be most useful for videos, since:

a) they take up so much space;

b) there simply is not an easier solution for getting your videos onto your PC.

Here is how to free up…

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Today’s English & French Freebies

Here are few apps for kids that may be of interest to families with younger children. All are available today for free.

The English freebies are:

Montessori ABC for Kids HD: Learn and Trace Alphabet Letters

Here’s a YouTube video that give you a sneak peak. Oh how I wish this was available in French!

and The Trip Little Critter GamePac

Here’s a YouTube video of the Little Critter app. This would be a great find for children learning English! Once again, I really wish this was available in French.


The French freebie pick of the day:

Expand It! More information and a sneak peak available in this YouTube video. From the looks of this video, there unfortunately doesn’t look like today’s only French freebie will provide my children with much language input. It does look like there will be some written text, but I don’t seem to hear much language in the app. It does look like a fun thinking game for young ones, though.


I’d love to see more apps available in multiple languages that provide language input! I’m alway disappointed when I see an app available in French (or Spanish), but then find that there is very little language involved once launched.

If anyone can point me in the direction of more fun French or Spanish apps, please send them my way! Thank you!

Today’s Multilingual Freebies

Just found a few multilingual apps on Apps Gone Free, so I thought I’d share!

Viking Rudi has a 4.5 star rating and is and educational entertainment app available in a whopping 25 languages!!! (See picture below for languages). It is available for free today only and normally costs 99 cents. Here is more information about this app!

I have downloaded the app and have yet to figure out how to change the language. I have tried the parents section of the app and changing the entire iPad to French. No luck so far, so I have contacted the company. Will update with the information when I figure it out!


Pepi Tree is an adorable educational game app available in 15 languages (see picture below). Pepi Tree is free today, but normally costs $1.99. I have downloaded this app and the kids love it! The only thing I’m not liking about it is that there is no language input. I am always disappointed when an opportunity in L2 passes us by. The kids, ages 5 and 4, adore the app, so a little bit of language would be awesome! Here is a YouTube video of a young child playing the app.


Also of interest could be Word Book and Puzzle Box: Kids Favorite Activity. Free today, normally $1.99. This one is available in English, Greek and Spanish.

We will see which of these apps above deserves a future blog post! If you have any input, please share! Thank you!

Today’s Freebie App

I found a freebie today on Apps Gone Free that might be worth a look. It’s a creative app called Makanim – Multi-touch Generative Art. It is available on iTunes for free, for a limited time. (Thank you Apps Gone Free!)

I tried it out with my four-year-old Geo for a few minutes. Geo was able to figure out the interface and he had fun checking out the different themes. In the few minutes we spent, we created the pictures you see below. I spent some more time tonight and found that it is very easy to use the other options at the bottom of the screen to further edit the creations. I can see this app being fun for the kids, but I don’t foresee them seeking it out like some of their other favorites. I do think, though, that if I remind them it’s there, they may have some fun making creations on a rainy day or on a long road trip! We could then talk about the creations and all the beautiful colors we see en français!!! 🙂

I may also use this app to create backgrounds for presentations and videos. In the past, I have used the “Ripple HD” app for things like this video “Verbos de cambio de raĂ­z.” Soleil painted pictures, then we used the Ripple app to create the images you see in the background.

What other uses could you see for this app?

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Reflector (Mac/PC app) – Mirror your iPad/iPhone on your computer!

Will definitely be trying this app out and sharing it with my networks. I will also pin this blog post to a few of my pinterest boards for apps and techie tools! Great find written by @sly111 and found  via @sylviaduckworth!

Here is an affordable way to mirror your iPad/iPhone in your classroom if you do not wish to purchase the $99 AppleTV. Reflector($12.99, formerly known as Reflection) is a great Mac/PC app that is extremely easy to set up and use.

First, what is mirroring?

Mirroring your iPad/iPhone and even the latest 5th generation iPod touch means showing on a second screen everything that is shown. Once set up, your device that you control will be displayed. It is a very useful way to display your iPad to a large group of students/colleagues. Show your presentations, videos, and even games without a hitch.

The easiest way to mirror is to attach your iPad directly to your computer. This is the “fastest” and most solid way, and does not present any lag whatsoever. A wired connection is actually what I currently rely on, since I teach in over seven…

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French Apps for Kids by Sylvia Duckworth

Whenever I’m searching for something new and exciting in French for my children (a.k.a. “The Sunny Earth Kids”), I start by checking Sylvia Duckworth‘s links. Sylvia has become a household name around here! Soleil and GĂ©o have benefitted immensely from her generosity in sharing the amazing French resources she creates. If we had to pick just one household favorite, it’d probably have to be “Comment ça va?” by Juli Powers. We go around the house singing that song and both children use their knowledge of the song to respond in French when asked “Comment ça va?”!!! 🙂  A close second would have to be “Je suis une pizza” by Charlotte Diamond. The kids ask to sing that song in the car on trips! What fun we have had learning with these two, and many, many more songs on Sylvia’s YouTube Channel!

Sylvia has not only been an inspiration in our family life, but also in my professional life as a French and Spanish teacher. If you’d like to know more about how and why, please visit this blog post I wrote after a visit I made to her classroom.

french apps

Therefore, I am not at all surprised that Sylvia has once again created a blog worth following. It is called “French Apps for Kids” and it reviews apps for children in grades K-8 who’re learning French. Sylvia has done it again! A wonderful resource for all of us teaching and learning French. We cannot wait to see what other apps she recommends!!!!

Merci beaucoup, Sylvia!!!