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Les Étoiles du Dodo

Les Étoiles du Dodo has one free story, but it may entice you to buy more. Additional stories are around $2. The fact that this app seemed completely free, but then once inside it asks for payment to add more stories is a huge disappointment. I will probably not purchase any of these stories or games. I’d prefer they call it a “Lite” version so I know ahead of time that there will be offers to purchase more inside the app.

The free story included in the app provides a lesson about the water cycle. The science lesson is disguised in an interactive story about a drop of water and its cyclic journey.


The words light up as they are being read aloud and certain words stand out from the rest. These are the words that you need to tap to see the animations. There is one game along the way where you have to catch all the drops of water in a boat. My almost six-year-old enjoyed this calm game as my four-year-old watched intently.


All the drops collected in the game will meet up with other drops to create a stream, a river and an ocean! The little drop of water will eventually feel the sun warm him and then evaporate into the air until the next rain comes…and since it’s sunny out, we get to create a rainbow by tapping on the sun as it rains! (My favorite part!)

The kids really enjoyed this app. It was short and sweet, not too many bells and whistles, but a solid story with a science lesson to boot. For now I’m not running out to purchase the other stories, but may consider them in the future…we will see.

Along with the story, the free version has a game section with the one game from the story. It also has one lullaby that plays to a non-interactive aquarian-themed background.




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