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Celebrating 100,000 views! App Store Gift Card Giveaway!

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Thanks for this chance, Steve!

Thank you readers so much for the over 100 000 page views on!

The most popular posts of the year were:

How to use Instagram’s features without posting online

TubeBox Pro (Now unavailable, but replaced with Instatube) – Save YouTube videos to your iPad!

How to be a Terrible iPad Teacher 

Setting up your iPad for projected display

App Store Cards Giveaway

I am going to give away a few $10 App Store cards  to people who share this website or any specific post(s). Leave a comment and mention where you shared it. Share using Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or just by word of mouth to your staff at school. Remember to leave your location and email address or Twitter handle in the comment (your email address won’t be posted publicly!). I will randomly select winners from the comments, and contact you through email.

Here’s to the next…

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I hope to earn a free promo code to this app…and then create a book en français with the kiddos. Looks like fun!!!!

“Storypanda is an iPad story platform that brings families together by enabling them to read, create and share kids stories. One App, Unlimited stories.”


With this interactive children's book app, students, parents and teachers will be able to create personalized stories based on the original books. Storypanda is an app that has a great collection of books that both kids and adults will love. New books are added regularly, and the people over at Storypanda are looking to incorporate lesson plans to go along with these books. Reading will become (more) fun, and kids will increase creativity in changing the stories.

While the app itself is free, most books cost $2.99. You can purchase them within your bookshelf. Each book can also be made available as a separate purchase through the App store, and they will be brought back into the bookshelf of the original app (if…

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Your Perfect Solution For Sharing Student iPad Projects

Cloud Storage Solution = COPY! Love it!
Thanks for yet another amazing blog post and especially for the final tip at the end that saved me and my macbook!!! You rock, Steve!!!
Also visit my blog post which includes more by Steve Lai! Here it is:

There is an ever growing number of teachers and students using iPads for creation projects. Little by little, people are understanding that the iPad is not just a consumption device for reading emails, watching YouTube and checking FaceBook and Twitter. The iPad is a powerful creation device. But an issue arose during the year at my school: How does one share large student videos and other projects with parents? Read ahead to find out.


I have been using Copy quite heavily since I firstreviewedabout it six weeks ago. I wanted to share some of my personal experiences with it, especially with regards to sharing larger individual student projects (i.e., get them off the iPads and on to something where parents can view them at home.)

Download Copy here (free!) and receive 20GB (inc. a bonus 5GB) free cloud storage,

then refer your friends for an extra 5GB…

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App #41: Sock Puppets [Promo Codes Available!]

I have used sock puppets with my own children as well as at school with Kindergarteners. It is a winner!

As a primary school teacher, I am always looking for ways to enhance the learning experiences for my students. As we have recently set up a partial class set of iPad minis, we are encouraging all of our teachers to use content-creation apps as opposed to content-specific consumption apps to share our knowledge. Sock Puppets (free, with optional in-app purchases) is a great storytelling app that both educators and students alike will enjoy.

If you have yet to hear about Sock Puppets, it is an app that will let you create funny and original lip-synched videos that you can share with your class. We have already had a few classes try this app, and our students (ages 7-11) have had no trouble with it all. Learning how to use the app is actually fun, and the many options of backgrounds, props (most of them moveable!)…

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App #40: Common Core Lesson Planner [Promo Codes Available]

As a teacher in the U.S., this is of interest to me! Thank you, Steve, for yet another great blog post! 🙂

“The Common Core State Standards provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.” —

The Common Core Standards

If you are a teacher from the US, you will no doubt be familiar with the Common Core State Standards. I have been introduced to this great lesson planning app which focuses heavily to these standards. Here in British Columbia, Canada where I teach, learning standards will be found in the BC Prescribed Learning Outcomes.

Check out this video which will show the main features of the app:

Here is a snippet from the developer, Thomas Story, a teacher of over eleven years himself:

The Common Core Lesson Planner is must-have app for teachers who want to fully utilize their iPad into their daily teaching routine. The Common Core Lesson Planner was created…

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Content Creation Apps

Creation apps are perfect for making fun experiences with other languages!
The “Sunny Earth” kids love Sock Puppets and PuppetPals. We have also used Explain Everything and Voicethread. We will be checking out the other apps mentioned in this blog for sure!

The trend in the past year of iPad usage is slowly moving towards using the iPad as a creation device, as opposed to just a consumption device. More and more people I know are creating great material with iPads. Outside of the education spectrum, however, I still know a lot of people who just use their iPads for surfing websites, checking email, and playing games. I bumped into an old friend that I had not seen in years, and noticed he had the latest Blackberry smartphone, the z10. I asked him how he liked it, and how it compared to an iPhone. He told me that he also had an iPhone and an iPad, but that he only does “real work” on his Blackberry. The stigma is still there. Will it be there another year from now?

This is a screenshot of the content-creation apps folder for our class…

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How To Effortlessly Back Up Your iPad/iPhone Videos using Camera Uploads In Dropbox

Thank you for yet another great tip! 🙂

In my ongoing effort to manage storage on my iDevices, I wanted to share with you guys a neat feature, once again, that Dropbox offers (I wrote a similar post a few months back).

For those of us who enjoy taking photos and videos with our devices, we know that they will take up a lot of storage. This can pose a problem, especially if one only has 16GB of storage. Instead of using iCloud or Photostream to back up your photos (I avoid ever connecting my devices to iTunes), Dropbox presents a great solution.

Backing up photos is extremely important, in case we ever lose  or break our devices.

This tip will be most useful for videos, since:

a) they take up so much space;

b) there simply is not an easier solution for getting your videos onto your PC.

Here is how to free up…

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Reflector (Mac/PC app) – Mirror your iPad/iPhone on your computer!

Will definitely be trying this app out and sharing it with my networks. I will also pin this blog post to a few of my pinterest boards for apps and techie tools! Great find written by @sly111 and found  via @sylviaduckworth!

Here is an affordable way to mirror your iPad/iPhone in your classroom if you do not wish to purchase the $99 AppleTV. Reflector($12.99, formerly known as Reflection) is a great Mac/PC app that is extremely easy to set up and use.

First, what is mirroring?

Mirroring your iPad/iPhone and even the latest 5th generation iPod touch means showing on a second screen everything that is shown. Once set up, your device that you control will be displayed. It is a very useful way to display your iPad to a large group of students/colleagues. Show your presentations, videos, and even games without a hitch.

The easiest way to mirror is to attach your iPad directly to your computer. This is the “fastest” and most solid way, and does not present any lag whatsoever. A wired connection is actually what I currently rely on, since I teach in over seven…

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Part Two: How To Manage Storage On Your iPad

Part Two: How To Manage Storage On Your iPad.

Les Étoiles du Dodo

Les Étoiles du Dodo has one free story, but it may entice you to buy more. Additional stories are around $2. The fact that this app seemed completely free, but then once inside it asks for payment to add more stories is a huge disappointment. I will probably not purchase any of these stories or games. I’d prefer they call it a “Lite” version so I know ahead of time that there will be offers to purchase more inside the app.

The free story included in the app provides a lesson about the water cycle. The science lesson is disguised in an interactive story about a drop of water and its cyclic journey.


The words light up as they are being read aloud and certain words stand out from the rest. These are the words that you need to tap to see the animations. There is one game along the way where you have to catch all the drops of water in a boat. My almost six-year-old enjoyed this calm game as my four-year-old watched intently.


All the drops collected in the game will meet up with other drops to create a stream, a river and an ocean! The little drop of water will eventually feel the sun warm him and then evaporate into the air until the next rain comes…and since it’s sunny out, we get to create a rainbow by tapping on the sun as it rains! (My favorite part!)

The kids really enjoyed this app. It was short and sweet, not too many bells and whistles, but a solid story with a science lesson to boot. For now I’m not running out to purchase the other stories, but may consider them in the future…we will see.

Along with the story, the free version has a game section with the one game from the story. It also has one lullaby that plays to a non-interactive aquarian-themed background.