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Explain Everything

If I had to choose just one favorite creation app, it’d have to be Explain Everything. My husband, Kevin Misiano, is using Explain Everything to create his flipped class videos. Here is his YouTube channel. He is using Explain Everything to make his flipped lesson videos that his pre-calculus students watch as homework.

Kevin started using Explain Everything way before I started using apps. He kept talking about it, so I knew I had to give it a try. I ended up using it to create video tutorials for AIM Language Learning’s online teacher training. I was looking for a way to create a video using screen shots and Explain Everything had everything I needed for the tutorials. It was extremely easy to use and edit. I normally use iMovie and I was reluctant to take the time to learn about Explain Everything. After I figured it out, though, my only regret was not having tried it sooner.

I immediately thought of how I could use this with my children for some fun with French. The first creation is called “Mimi la souris” and you can read more about this project here or simply check out the project below.

Currently, my four and five-year-olds are helping me create an alphabet project about one of their favorite books. What I really love about Explain Everything is the ability to work on the very portable iPad. This gives flexibility, especially when creating with young children. I can meet them on the floor in their bedroom and they can help add slides and sound with ease. As you work within the app, it autosaves and it is not “bulky” to open or save. Only at the end when you are completely finished will it take some time, just as all videos do.

To see a tutorial I made with this amazing app, check out this blog post. I have not even begun to scratch the surface as to what Explain Everything can do for my children and students. I cannot wait to see what else we will use it for!

If you’re interested in a screen casting tool for your iPad, then look no further!

Check out this tutorial to see more about how it works…and enjoy!!!!

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