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Freebie Pick of the Day: Barefoot World Atlas

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 10.05.41 PM
Today’s free app choice is available in English, Catalan, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish! In fact, that’s why it has been chosen for this honor!

I honestly haven’t had much time to test it out, but because it is available in multiple languages, including French and Spanish, I’m downloading it for future use with my children and students!

Thank you, Touch Press!!!!! 🙂

Today’s Freebie App

I found a freebie today on Apps Gone Free that might be worth a look. It’s a creative app called Makanim – Multi-touch Generative Art. It is available on iTunes for free, for a limited time. (Thank you Apps Gone Free!)

I tried it out with my four-year-old Geo for a few minutes. Geo was able to figure out the interface and he had fun checking out the different themes. In the few minutes we spent, we created the pictures you see below. I spent some more time tonight and found that it is very easy to use the other options at the bottom of the screen to further edit the creations. I can see this app being fun for the kids, but I don’t foresee them seeking it out like some of their other favorites. I do think, though, that if I remind them it’s there, they may have some fun making creations on a rainy day or on a long road trip! We could then talk about the creations and all the beautiful colors we see en français!!! 🙂

I may also use this app to create backgrounds for presentations and videos. In the past, I have used the “Ripple HD” app for things like this video “Verbos de cambio de raĂ­z.” Soleil painted pictures, then we used the Ripple app to create the images you see in the background.

What other uses could you see for this app?

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